SZABIST Centre for Research (SRC)

Another important objective of the SZABIST Centre for Research (SRC) is facilitation and encouragement of research initiatives by students at SZABIST. This site provides a single platform for these young aspirants to conduct quality research.


What you must know!

"Academic dishonesty is an offense that will not be tolerated in any form. Any student who is found involved in academic dishonesty will be penalized to the fullest extent possible allowed by university regulations. If you have any doubts about whether an action constitutes academic dishonesty, please consult your advisor before initiating any research. Academic Dishonesty is defined as follows:

Plagiarism, one of the most serious forms of academic dishonesty, is defined as follows:
Plagiarism is the act of stealing words, ideas or a piece of writing of another and passing them off as one's own. Whenever a student submits a piece of writing claiming it to be his own authorship, it is generally understood that all the ideas, opinions, facts, figures, conclusions, revisions, and words are the student's original work, unless he/she has explicitly indicated otherwise using citations, footnotes, attribution in the text, and/or appropriate quotation marks. A person failing to acknowledge and recognize (using footnotes, attribution in the text, and/or appropriate quotation marks) the contribution of the original author, will be held accountable under academic deception. Such action will necessitate measures to discipline the student under the University's rules. Any academic dishonesty would call for swift punitive action, which may include disqualification from the program."

"To learn more about issues related to plagiarism and academic honesty, you may request a video lecture prepared by SZABIST. For details regarding the video you can contact the research panel."